I wanted to include this page because it means a lot to me.  It is something that my husband made for me and I read it now and then when I’m feeling down and need to feel loved; basically when I need something mushy.

This page is here so that I can define SUM

I had to take the time to build this page to help better explain my “choice of words” I have recently found myself in frequent use of. See, what I have been doing, is, my wife came to me, looked me in the eyes, and asked ” How much do you love me? “

This turned in a great feat of expression for me as I took a minute to ponder on an expressive answer that could actually conglomerate all of my feelings at the time,

After that minute was up, I felt very good about my answer, I think I found the perfect word to describe it! so I looked back into her beautiful green eyes and I told her…..

” I love you sum….” Yep, that covered it all, the perfect description! She looked at me at first and didnt know what to think… then we both smiled,

I let it go on for about a week, and one day at work, she wrote me, asking me again on a messenger, how much I love her, and I typed ” I love you SUM ” and I think she caught on some, maybe she is more familiar with my strange ways, but she asked what does that mean? Sum?

Here is my explanation:

I then to explain my feelings felt compelled to go to and type in “Define sum” to get me a start at this…….these are my results:

Definitions of sum on the Web:

  • a quantity obtained by the addition of a group of numbers  –  This the most basic form of the definition, in its most simple form,  it is nothing more than two quantities added together, In much the same way,  our love is growing,  it is what it was, added to the newer experiences that we both share, the newer obstacles that only bring us closer together, and the new way that you came to me and looked me in the eyes.  Krystle,  we grow on EACH OTHER, and every time we do,  it is only the SUM of our previous love, ADDED to the newer ways we find comfort in each others smile, or our presence.  This was actually the first definition of the word I had thought of when I thought of the word SUM,
  • kernel: the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience; “the gist of the prosecutor’s argument”; “the heart and soul of the Republican Party”; “the nub of the story”  I wish there was some way that I can help you build your confidence in me, to understand how important to me you are,  that you are absolutely the most vital part of my life,  you have done so much for me that you clearly have no idea about how devastated and depressed I was before you came into my life.  You lifted me up and made me smile again, showed me a hope and a path that I had never seen previously, and together we now walk that path, holding hands, holding each other dear, to ourselves.  I know that we occasionally have a small “bump” in the road, but it is just that,  we both have kept good enough morals and ethics in our lives that our problems are small, and with Gods help, we can overcome all that comes before us,  I could never do this alone,  I came out of the war with PTSD, I had guns loaded in my house, terrified that I would be attacked at any minute, sleeping problems, nightmares of Taliban in my house at night trying to attack me,  All those nights we got up cause I was sure someone was in the house and you got up with me and was with me as I “secured the house” and try to go back to sleep, I know that you definitely helped pull me through all of this, I didn’t need counseling or drugs, I felt that I could trust and confide in you so well that I felt mostly safe again.  I couldn’t imagine where I would be if you were not here for me when I needed you.  You are absolutely a Vital Part of my life, we share our hearts and souls to each other, and you are definitely ” the nub ” of my life story!
  • the whole amount says it all don’t you think?
  • summarize: be a summary of; “The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper” Since your unusual introduction in my life,  our meeting,  the sacrifices we both have made to see each other, and the way we were brought together, I do now feel absolutely that to summarize the last 2 years of my life, will be a story of you and I, our experiences with God, how we have helped each other to grow, and how our love has grown.
  • the basic unit of money in Uzbekistan doesn’t actually have anything to do with this, but is a nifty fact that I didn’t know!
  • union: a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets; “let C be the union of the sets A and B” I know when you read this that you thought the same thing I did, does it make you think of our wedding?  Our union,  that was a very special day that did change my life for the good,  I am very thankful for the gift that God did give me that day,  I could never be the same person without you!
  • total: determine the sum of; “Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town”  I dont know about a town or nothing,  but total, describes the new you very well, it is a more complete love, that is for me,  and for my children, it is the smile I see on their faces when you have them help you decorate the Christmas tree,  or come over to watch a movie,  it is the Krystle I get to see finally blooming into the most beautiful daisy, the “total” or complete love that I have always dreamed of!  As you open up and work with us all,  I can see you all shine, as God looks down upon you all, I will never forget these moments.
  • Addition is one of the basic operations of arithmetic. In its simplest form, addition combines two numbers (terms, summands), the augend and addend, into a single number, the sum. Adding more numbers corresponds to repeated addition. By extension, addition of zero, one or infinitely many numbers can be defined, see below.
  • In category theory, the coproduct, or categorical sum, is the dual notion to the categorical product. Basically, this means the definition is the same as the product but with all arrows reversed. Despite this innocuous-looking change in the name and notation, coproducts can be dramatically different from products.
  • The answer in an addition problem – I felt as though this one also defined it well as you are the answer to my problems in life, and with you we are rebuilding and setting new goals and working to achieve a future that I thought at one time had died forever.  You and God have absolutely changed my life, my attitude, my world, my children’s lives, and it couldn’t have been done any other way.  Thank You for not ever giving up on me.  I Love you!
  • summation. The function needs two boxes containing the text above and below the summation sign respectively Usage: <$SUM <$$overtext><$$undertext>> where overtext is printed/displayed above the summation sign, and undertext is printed/displayed below the summation sign
  • A group function which adds the values for a group. The attribute involved must be a number. For example, the sum function could be used to return the total number of credit hours students are taking.
  • It is the first beat of any tal. Kathak Dancers returning on the “Sum” after completing a time cycle. Sum is accented more than any other beats. Sum is denoted by the sign ‘X’.

That is about it,  see I used to love you Mostly, (that is a different story), But now it is that, PLUS so much more!  I am very grateful for you and for the differences you made possible in our families lives,  I am thankful for the changes you have had to make to help make things work, (like working) and also VERY Greatful for the acceptance of my children, how you make room for them in your life, like making things for them to help you with, YOU ARE MAKING US ALL HAPPY NOW!  So it is not the same as it was,

Now, I Love you Mostly + All the above! = I Love you SUM!


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