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Trying YET Again…
(older posts are below this)


Trying Again…
(older posts are below this)

Week One

I went to an orthopedic surgeon; had the X-ray and MRI. Good news is nothing’s torn, bad new is the tissue that is under my knee cap is getting soft.  It is just something that happens to women as they age, some get worse and some stay the same.  Actually not all women just some and in my case, chemo as a child didn’t exactly help.  No cure, but it depends on how aggressive I want to get with it.  I can get protein or Cortizone shot or just know my limit and stop.  Here it goes!

13 November 2013 –  First day running again.  I did the simple routine (6th program 20min) and my knee held up fine — wish I could say the same for myself! WoW, I forgot what that felt like — but I LOVE it!

14 November 2013 – So far so good — I ran the same track and it was easier this time, I started to get tired the last 10 seconds of the running (the last 4 minutes are the cool down). I love running, its such a stress and anxiety relief for me.  Time to get all the worries and crap out of my head and just let my running song list echo in my head (all songs are my favs from KLove) — basically time to let everything go and just run. It’s just wonderful.

15 November 2013 – Another successful run — if you include the fact my treadmill incline was stuck at 7 — halfway through the running part, I began to wonder why it was so freaking hard LOL! I did though, it was hard!

16 November 2013 – Got home really late — not a fan of running at midnight!

17 November 2013 –  I don’t run on Sundays.

Week Two

18 November 2013 – Eye doctor appointment and shopping with my husband.

19 November 2013 – Ran tonight and  the treadmill incline doesn’t work at all now so I did the entire track on level ground.

20 November 2013 – The track is getting easier! =)

21 November 2013  Didn’t run today — not feeling very well

22 November 2013 – Another successful run!

23 November 2013 – Got home really late, I don’t do well when I’m sleepy

24 November 2013 – I don’t run on Sunday. =)

Week Three

25 November 2013– Didn’t sleep very well the night before — so yea, I was too tired to run today.


Older Running Journal

16 March 2013 – just ran 2 miles (a 20 min program (6th one) on our treadmill, starting out 3 mph flat to a 10% grade hill then down 4 to 5 mph then a flat run @ 6 mph and then cool down 3 mph to 2 mph) … that sucked, but it sucked sooooo good!) ready for P90X ab ripper now!!! =)) (This was the first time I ran … )


25 March 2013 – ran the 6th program … it was a little easier this time.

26 March 2013 – ran the 6th program.

27 March 2013 – finished my daily program (6th program) on the treadmill and my calf muscles are filing for divorce, but I feel GRRRRREAT! WooHoo!!! =))

28 March 2013 – I tried a new track (5th program) and well … lets just say it kicked my butt, this time. there is always tomorrow =)))

29 March 2013 – well, the new track (5th program) and me came to an understanding today … I came, I saw and I CONQUERED!!!! yea, I’ll pay for it later but I DID IT!!!!!!! =))))))

30 March 2013 – I ran the 20 min track (6th program) (had a wonderful 4-wheeler/target practice with our matching Glock 27’s  date day with my wonderful, precious husband! love him soooooo much!)

31 March 2013 – I didn’t run (Sunday)


1 April 2013 – my stomach wasn’t feeling up to running. (movie date with my husband, saw The Host)

2 April 2013 – I ran the 30 min track (5th program) … it was not a challenge, but I’m going to stick to it for a few days and then move on to another track =))) I’m noticing a change in my stomach and butt…amazing after only a week! WooHoo!!!!

3 April 2013 – I ran the 5th program … its still not as easy, but not that rough. Not quite ready to move onto another one yet. Revised my playlist; I need some really upbeat music to help me run …

4 April 2013 – I changed my music library to more modern upbeat music from my normal KLove. As I was running I noticed that I couldn’t. I was not able to finish my run. I kept thinking about it and then I realized that I lost my focus and concentration. As I run, its relaxing and listening to songs from KLove makes it that much more “spiritual”.  What I mean by spiritual, I pray and ponder things as I run. I ask for strength; for my physical health and spiritual health. I realized that my ability to finish the runs (the programs are very difficult) wasn’t mine, it was heavenly father helping me, i leaned on him and allowed him to carry me. My focus changed as I ran today and it wasn’t on him, it was me taking control and thinking I was doing it on my own. I learned a deep lesson today and I will not make that same mistake. I will lean on God because he is the reason I was able to finish. (UPDATE: I ran the track again a few minutes ago, only after I deleted all my former iPod music and reinstated my KLove collection. I know that with God, All things are possible!!!!)

5 April 2013 – I had to give my knee a break … I might have to get surgery to fix it.

6 April 2013 – I ran the 5th track this evening because my knee felt better. I was barely able to finish it, not because of my knee though, but my right calf muscle was burning and hurt very very bad! I think the plan of action is to run every other day and do P90X the other days.

7 April 2013 – Today is Sunday so I don’t run or exercise; I have 6 days in the week to do so, least I can do is give my Heavenly Father this day.


8 April 2013 – I ran my own track; one that didn’t involve any incline trying to take it easy on my knee; didn’t work as planned. I ran two miles, starting off 6mph for a half mile then walking 3.5mph for the other half mile then back to mph for a half mile then 3.5 mph for the last mph of the first mile and then repeating the process, except for the running part I dropped it down to 4.0. Maybe I was still a little too ambitious…

9 April 2013 – I think my knee is on its last legs…I simply cannot run and that’s very disappointing to me because I enjoyed it so much. I guess its time to P90X it for awhile, at least I can still work out though. I had a wonderful 4-wheeler ride with my husband this evening. I don’t know if he realizes it or not, but he’s my strength at times too. My heart hurts because of a lack of understanding, the reason (s) why people choose to deliberately hurt someone by saying things they know is a very tender spot for that person, I don’t understand it…one thing I do know, I will never do something in return or say something out of spite, but I will not lie either. I will be honest.  I know that I haven’t done the right things in the past, but is that any reason to be cruel?

10 April 2013 – I started P90X this evening with the Ab Ripper X … boy that was hard!!!! I might try the Cardio workout tomorrow …

11 April 2013 – I’ve been letting my knee heal.

12 April 2013 – I’ve been letting my knee heal.

13 April 2013 – I’ve been letting my knee heal.

14 April 2013 –  Sunday.


15 April 2013 – I’ve been letting my knee heal; in some ways it seems to be getting worse…

16 April 2013 – Still letting my knee heal.

17 April 2013 – Still letting my knee heal.

18 April 2013 – Still letting my knee heal.

19 April 2013 –  Still letting my knee heal.

20 April 2013 Still letting my knee heal….Went to the culture center @ the capitol and then to cookskin, had a great time, even though was windy and kinda cold.

21 April 2013 –  Still letting my knee heal…Traveled to Flatwoods Branch, guest speaker, it was sooooo much fun!


22 April 2013 –  Still letting my knee heal, I might be able to run again but I’ve been so busy.

23 April 2013 – too busy …

24 April 2013 – studying for exam and working on a networking II project. My goal is to run tomorrow before class. I will take it easy and just do the 20 min track (the 6th program).

25 April 2013 – not running … hopefully until I get my knee fixed then I can start again.

26 April 2013 – not running

27 April 2013 – not running

28 April 2013 – Sunday.


29 April 2013 – not running

30 April 2013 – not running

01 May 2013 –  not running

02 May 2013 – not running

03 May 2013 – not running

04 May 2013 – not running

05 May 2013 – Sunday.


06 May 2013 – not running … finals week

07 May 2013 – not running … finals week

08 May 2013 – not running … finals week

09 May 2013 – not running … finals week

10 May 2013 – not running … finals week

11 May 2013 – not running … finals week

12 May 2013 – Sunday.


13 May 2013 – not running … first day back to work

14 May 2013 – not running

15 May 2013 – not running

16 May 2013 – not running

17 May 2013 – not running

18 May 2013 – not running

19 May 2013 – Sunday.


20 May 2013 – not running

21 May 2013 –  not running

22 May 2013 – not running

23 May 2013 – not running

24 May 2013 – First time I’ve ran in about 7 or 8 weeks. My knee held up fine and the run was really easy actually. I started with the 6th program (20min) and I’m going to stick with it, I’d rather run the easy one than not run at all. 

25 May 2013

26 May 2013 –  Sunday and its my brothers birthday!


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