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a gentle reminder

Once again I find myself in other conversation about the same topic only this time, I have another way of explaining.

This world is hard enough as it is. Why must we make it harder with the love/compassion blinders? I say this because people fail to see the sin and wrong doing all for the sake of loving someone. Not wanting to judge or offend. Not wanting to be bigoted or whatever other non-sense. I take issue with this because, when I think about Christ and Heavenly Father. How they are with us — it’s much different.

When we fall, of course Christ is there to pick us up. In doing this though, he still gently reminds us of his teachings and standards. He tells us he loves us. Then tells us to get back up and try again. What really gets me is when people fail to see one important part of the whole thing — gently reminds us of his teachings and standards. That to me, is the key factor here. We are not gently reminding his teachings and standards, but rather skipping that all together and going to the, “love love love — its okay [enter excuse/justification here].

The bottom line is this —

The real issue is Satan. His lies. His half-truths. His evil. His wickedness.

His goal is to destroy what God creates and deems holy. Homosexuality is one of those tools. Destroys our progression. Destroys families. Destroys the priesthood. Destroys our chance to be with God in the Celestial Kingdom. Satan destroys. That is what’s going on here. Nothing more, nothing less. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s Satan that complicates it, that stirs it up, that makes it harder. As this world continues to turn against God, that gives Satan more power.  The battle is with Satan and his evil and wickedness.

All of the arguments and justifications for Homosexuality (and other sins) is just another tool weapon in Satan’s arsenal to destroy.

Alma 30:60 – “And thus we see the end of him who perverteth the ways of the Lord; and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell.”

Now, with all that being said, The issue of the day that started it all:

You are not born GAY. (Now when I say Gay, I mean the act of. Not SSA.) Being GAY is a choice. I wasn’t born Heterosexual, I chose to be. People who are attracted to children, dogs, sheep, etc aren’t born that way. They chose to be that way. People aren’t born to have rough sex that results in the death of the partner, they chose to be that way. There are nuns and priests who chose to never have sex again. None of them born celibate. They chose to be. I can choose right now if I wanted to never have sex again. I can choose right now to have sex if I wanted. It’s all about choice.

The world we live in is over sexualized. Sex is everywhere. Porn, sexting, people having sex, talking about sex. It’s everywhere. Movies, TV, Books, Interwebs. The world is normalizing it. The world is normalizing being gay. The world is normalizing trans whatever the newest fad — with one of the lovely arguments “Hey, I don’t have to take responsibility for anything because I was born this way. I didn’t choose this.” , etc.

Our children are growing up in this. They are being taught this. They are seeing this and hearing this on a DAILY basis.

We can’t keep normalizing and accepting sin. That is a sin in itself. We love yes, but we cannot be so blinded by that love that we fail to see the sin. If someone is about to fall off a cliff, you’re response should be to stop them from doing so, not standing back and saying well, you have to love them and not judge them and not be bigoted and accept them for who they are!!! NO!!!! you stop them!!! you grab them and say whoa, going the wrong way, I love you and I don’t want you to fall — That is exactly what ya’ll are doing. Letting them fall off the cliff in the name of love and accepting and condoning. Saying, oh well, its not a choice. It’s by birth. No no no. Wrong.

Christ never accepted or condoned sin. Ever. Did he love, Yes. But he wasn’t blinded by that love that he allowed people to keep sinning. Why are we? If he is to be our example, shouldn’t follow him? Why aren’t we  gently reminding? Why are sitting back and accepting and condoning and justifying and normalizing? All in the of love? of compassion?

Please know and understand that Satan is the real enemy. Satan is the destroyer. We are here on this earth to battle him and his lies. He is our battle. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our weaknesses and he exploits them any and every change he gets. Please know this — BUT we got something he don’t got, a loving Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ who died for us. To atone and advocate for us. To love us and to fight when we’re too weak. To make weak things stronger —

To give us a gentle reminder when we fall — then a helping hand to get back up and try, try again.



i like carrots.

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