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the little things

I was going to bed, but thoughts about today wouldn’t go away until I got up and jotted them down. So here goes nothing…

I suppose you could call today a “date” day with my husband, but in all honesty, it seems everytime we go out feels like a date. It’s like a perpetual date with him. It doesn’t feel like marriage, but then again what is marriage “supposed” feel like anyway?

The main thought and point to this whole thing is this:

On the way to Beckley we were talking about all sorts of things, but what really got me was while sitting in Cook Out eating. I was reflecting and realized that he was going to be the big 40 in May and I was going to be 36 in July.  He and I have grown and been through much since we married in 2005 — I asked him one question, “Are you sure you want to grow old with me?” — and without hesitation he looked up at me and right in my eyes and said, “Yes. With a cane in one hand and you in the other.”

It was that moment that got me thinking.  That moment keeping me awake until I jotted this down … Nothing else in this world matters. Laundry, taking out the trash, mowing the grass, changing the oil; all the things that bug me or bother me. All the imperfections — none of it. What matters are the little things. The moments like that — the feeling I get when we hold hands and the world disappears. The looking into his eyes and knowing. All the laundry and dishes in the world can’t bring that joy and happiness.

It truly is the small things in this life that matter. I have learned and grown alot, but I find that I’m still learning and growing, each day, but I do however, like myself a lot better now than I did.  I truly believe that, that’s what this is about. The small things. Appreciating them and learning and growing from them. Who cares if the laundry isn’t done? Who cares if the dishes aren’t done? Is it nice to have someone help, yes. But does that really matter in the long run? Not really. 

I honestly don’t think all that stuff will bring joy and happiness into your life or marriage. Now, with that being said. Maybe I can lay back down and get some sleep. Good night and have blessed dreams.



i like carrots.

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