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My cute flavor cases!

This is my collection of cases!  The black one comes standard with your first order and the red one I got with my 8th order! 

ScentBird is so awesome that I had a problem with my Aquamarine case. The flavors were getting stuck.  So I contacted them and they replaced it for me! Awesome, right?


Signature Black, Aquamarine (x2), Pearly White, Fierce Pink, Red

If you want to purchase an extra case they are $12.95 a piece and you can also buy two difference cases for storage. I think they hold 20, but not exactly sure. The case I have for mine, surprisingly, was a case from Cabelas. Yes, that’s right. The gun store.

Story time folks!

So, I wanted a case for my flavors right? I saw the ones from ScentBird, but to me they were a bit expensive. So, on a date day with my husband he saw this ammo case in the reloading section. He asked me to borrow my flavor for a minute. He took it out of the case and placed it in the storage case it didn’t fit in that “caliber”. So, he tried a bigger “caliber” and said, perfect!

Me, being a girl, was thinking uhm, no. First of all the bottom of the case is green and I don’t like that color green. Second, I’m a girl. I was something frilly and girly to store my flavors in. Husband rolled his eyes and said, I’m telling you this case is perfect. Uh huh…

So after a few days of trying to find a case, nothing.  Long story short, husband’s case was perfect and he was right. I love you honey!!

White Storage Box, Black Storage Box
These are from ScentBird and are $24.95 a piece


Cabela’s Covered Reloading Tray

I got this tray, I believe $8.95 on sale – regular price is $14.95! Also, It holds way more than the ScentBird ones. Also, it was the .50 caliber LOL! (the tray holds only the flavors in the holes — I still have the cases stored as well because the case isn’t completely full yet! (but I’m working on it LOL!)



i like carrots.

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