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“Black Orchid”

To be honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved the description of it. ScentBird. As always I’m excited to head to the post office to pick up my goodies! I ordered Tom Ford “Black Orchid” a la carte with a Pearl Case and one other flavor which I’l do a review on it later.

Main Notes:
Dark Chocolate, Tuber, Patchouli, Orchid, Vanilla

Long story short, Love at first spray!! Tom Ford “Black Orchid” is AMAZING! I love it. It’s spicy, woody and just enough sweetness from the Vanilla. With a hint of floral from the Orchid. I’ve gotten several compliments while wearing it.

When I first sprayed it on, the Patchouli hit me at first and then the spicy/woody notes and once it mellowed some, the sweetness of vanilla, YUM…just yea!!


UPDATE (30 March 17):

At first, yes I loved this flavor — but I’m pretty sure the love affair is over.  I rarely wear it.  I feel like, it’s too dark or heavy, if that makes any sense. I’m drawn to the light and feminine flavors.



i like carrots.

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