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angelic voice

I started a writing project a few weeks ago and this what I came up with for the “Author’s Note”:

I wasn’t blessed with an angelic voice as I’ve so often wished.  A voice to sing praises to my Heavenly Father, a voice to express my soul and how much I love him; how much I appreciate and thank him for all he’s done.  A voice to reach out to young souls, to give them the same hope I hold in my soul.  To show them that there is another path and its a path of love and hope, one that was paved by our Father in Heaven.

I’ve heard talk about gifts and how each of us are blessed with one, maybe even multiple ones. How each gift is unique to us as people and how we are to use them and embrace them. How we are to strive to serve each other and our father by these gifts.

I used to think I was gift-less until a specific gift was revealed to me in a blessing. This gift was one of hope. A hope in my Heavenly Father that he will and does keep his promises

If this gift is my only gift, I cannot say — I also cannot say if I have other gifts — or if my passion for writing is just that, a passion and not a gift perhaps, I cannot say.  I know that I enjoy it and have enjoyed it for a better part of my life. Over the years, It gave me the freedom to express myself when I was too scared to show it. It allowed the cowardly lioness to come out and unafraid.

My dream or rather, passion has been to touch just one person — one person I can help, through my experience and inspiration given to me by my Father.  I do not have the gift of song, but what I do have are in these pages.  I hope for the chance to be heard with an angelic voice in my writing.



i like carrots.

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