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I know I’m probably going to offend some people with this post, but I believe that something must be said. I like to stay informed with what is going on in this crazy world, I gotta tell you that lately I’ve been very disturbed and angry. stressWe’ve got some sick men that decide kidnapping girls is the thing to do and not only that, but they get away with it for 10 bloody years?! Tell me something, how does this happen? We have human trafficking and sex slavery?! We have abortion clinics killing LIVE babies?! We have brainless mothers parading their children around in so-called “pageants” and thinking “16 and pregnant and Teen Mom” are the social norms WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! We have more brainless women screaming “war on women” and equal freaking rights?! This list goes on and on (I will elaborate on a few of these topics later). This makes me want to scream…



Are we blind and that ignorant? Have we become so complacent and asleep?! baaa baaa have we become SHEEP?!

I tell you something, believe in God or not; you cannot deny something is wrong. People DON’T do things like this to each other, we just DON’T! We don’t kidnap people, we don’t sell them and use them, we don’t kill BABIES, we don’t dress our children up like showgirls and parade them around and think “it’s so cute”. HELLO?!

I’m going to start with something that really, really angers me: Toddlers and Tiara’s, Honey Boo Boo (what’s that about?!), 16 and Pregnant, basically anything and everything that relates to these to ideas. First off let me ask a few questions here what happened to protecting our children? What happened to virtue and modesty? You wonder why there are more predators and pedophiles? Can you honestly not see the problem here? Stop justifying it in your head, parading your child around is WRONG! As a parent it is your JOB and RESPONSIBILITY to protect and care for your child. There is no getting around that.

How is dressing your child up with make up and show girl outfits and then putting them up on a stage where everyone and their uncle can look at them (take pictures of them if they want) okay? How do you honestly justify this? It’s not cute, it’s not adorable and it’s not fun. Let me enlighten you here: God has asked YOU to take care of HIS children here on this earth; he has given you charge over them and I don’t exactly see him thinking one of his precious children dressed up and paraded around on a freaking stage or on national television is CUTE in any form of the word!

Now that I’m somewhat calmer I can explain myself better. I am very passionate about this subject in particular for some very personal reasons. I appreciate and understand how precious the gift of bearing children is. I get so angry when I see or hear of women abusing that gift. Maybe its easier to understand something when you’re on the outside looking in or rather you’re someone that doesn’t have it. I know that I’m not perfect and I’ve made my mistakes and I am not judging anyone by any means. I am merely pointing out what is wrong here. Children are a precious gift and we are meant to protect them; mostly from this evil world, not put them in it and make them a part of it. We are in the world, but we aren’t to be of the world.

God speaks of virtue and being chaste (for girls especially). He speaks of these things for a reason. Women have a certain something when it comes to Men. You read throughout the scriptures stories of great men and their downfall is a woman. A woman using her “power” as it were, over men for the wrong reason. I’m not saying all of them, but most of them. You can’t be virtuous when you’re half-dressed or showing more of your body than you should. This goes along with not only pageants, but fashion magazines and other media that teaches our children that looks are all that matter. Teaching them to become vain and self-absorbed and obsessed with looks.

The idea of pageants isn’t the only problem, I know some of you are thinking I’m crazy and there is nothing wrong with pageants, you’re just proud of your child. What I’m looking at is the long term effect we’re we’ve created here. We have taught our kids that, looks are all that matter. We have taught our girls that the only way to get attention is to be “sexually” appealing or another thing that really irritates me, girls who act slutty and/or dumb just get attention (overplaying this whole blonde thing or whatever you want to call it). We have taught our boys what type of girl is considered attractive and what types aren’t. In all this, we’ve also taught our sons disrespect for girls; to just use them as play things for our their personal pleasure (porn, ring any bells?). We have totally misrepresented the roles of Men and Women completely! (I will talk more about this later).

From fashion magazines to holly-woods portrayal of what “beauty” is. We have pretty baby contests. I don’t know about you, but I think ALL babies are beautiful! Why do we need to have a contest to see which one of us has the prettiest baby? Really?

The problem is, we aren’t teaching the morals and values. We aren’t teaching modesty, virtue and being chaste. We are accepting immoral behavior as the norm: 16 and Pregnant, need I say more? All of these have been one issue on top of another leading into what we have now. Sure, at the beginning the justification was oooh’s and aaah’s and look how cute, etc., but we failed to realize the bigger impact it would have.

If you want to show people how proud you are of your kid(s), what is wrong with Talent shows? What is wrong with enrolling them in sports (football, soccer, gymnastic, ballet, etc…)? What about Boy or Girl Scouts? 4-H? Why do we feel that we must parade them around wearing revealing outfits and make up that only a showgirl would wear? This also includes boys…Male models, strippers? Come on ladies this includes you, you need to respect your men as well!

As far as looks go, what is wrong with natural beauty? Why do we let Hollywood and other people tell us what beauty is? Why do we let other people dictate to us how we should look? I hear people talk all the time about “individuality” and “being yourself”, but yet they are letting other people dictate to them what they should wear and how they should look, correct me if I’m wrong here, but that isn’t being yourself or expressing individuality!

I understand that sometimes, things happen beyond our control where we need plastic surgery and what not. I don’t have issue with that, what I have issue with is, elective surgery. “My boob is bigger than the other one, my hips are too fat, I want a flat belly, I want bigger boobs, my eyes aren’t right, my lips are too…AAAAAAhHHHHHH! STOP IT LADIES! You’re BEAUTIFUL! BeautifulYou don’t need all of these stupid beauty products and someone else telling you that you aren’t good enough in your OWN skin! Stop letting other people tell you this, cause all you’re doing is making them rich from your illusion of beauty and low self-esteem. News flash, no one I repeat NO ONE in a magazine looks that good. It’s called PHOTOSHOP! You realize how much make up goes into a movie or television show? You realize that all of these “beautiful” people do not look like that when they wake up the morning, you realize that they look just as awful as anyone else would when they are sick or when they just aren’t feeling very well. They aren’t some other species. They are HUMAN just like YOU! They have flaws and imperfections JUST LIKE YOU! Only difference is, they have money, make up/hair artist (ARTIST, remember this word!!!!) and a publicist (to make sure no “unflattering” photos leak, right Beyoncé?)

I’m going to get personal here. As a child, I had what I thought, was a HUGE nose. I HATED it. Growing up was awful, I was so self-conscious of it. I wanted to get it fixed. As I grew up and my body and face filled out; I grew into my nose. It took me a long time to get over that self-consciousness. We are taught to believe a certain look or whatever is “attractive” and everything else isn’t and we need to strive to become that. I made a decision that, everyone can have a nose that would fit in a bottle cap, but I CHOOSE to have a full-bodied nose. It is what makes me unique; an individual. I love my nose now and I’m proud of it. How boring would this world be if everyone looked the same? The point is, you have to be comfortable in your own skin and stop letting everyone else put you down and tell you that you’re not good enough. I got news for you; YES YOU ARE!

I mentioned quite a few topics at the beginning of this; topics that really disturb me. So far all that I’ve said, really do tie together to explain why we have problems like this. It’s all really simple when you think about it. We’re not teaching our kids; we’re not protecting our kids. We’re not being involved, not only in our own families but our communities. We are not upholding the two most important commandments you can read it here: What is love?

Whether you want to believe in God or not, you cannot deny the simple truths about how we should treat each other and how we should protect our innocent children. You cannot deny there is a sickness in this world and it’s getting worse. The only way we can cure it, is to start with our own selves and our own families; then reach out and love each other with compassion and charity. Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Can’t we agree on that? Can’t we come together on that one simple truth?

wrongwayWe have to stop traveling this road we’re on. Its sick. I’m sure it started out being innocent, so it seemed. One justification there, one justification here. Evil is Evil; I don’t care how you try to justify it and it can only lead to one place. The place we’re in now. This sickness has spread, not only in this country but around the world. No compassion or respect. For anyone or anything. Let me give you an example of something with good intentions leading to a sickness: Abortion started out with one justification and now, recently New York Supreme Court is debating the idea that a baby isn’t a baby until it is “aware”; let me put it plainly Abortion 9 MONTHS AFTER BIRTH people! This is where we are.

We are on a road that allows people to kidnap not one, not two … but THREE people for 10 YEARS. We are on a road that is debating when a child is a “child”, let me ask mothers out there. When you were pregnant and felt your “baby” or whatever it was kick you for the first time, did you hold your tummy and ask yourself “wow, what is that kicking me?” I’m sure you’d say no. You knew that it was YOUR child and not some “thing” or “inconvenience” inside you, but a living, breathing precious beautiful CHILD!

We are on a road that thinks its okay for a baby to have a baby. We are on a road where its okay for your son or daughter to get condoms and be taught sex when they are still only children. We are on a road where its okay for your daughter to wear mini skirts, daisy dukes and very low cleavage shirts. We are on a road that okay to drop your kids off (daughters dressed like the above statement) at the mall and leave them there. It’s okay for your daughter to get the morning after pill or anything else she wants WITHOUT YOU KNOWING. Women are created from the mans rib to be protected by his arm (when you wrap your arms around her and she’s by your side with your arms protection, that kinda love you get the idea!). Father’s let me ask this, how is letting your little girl dress and act this way protecting her? How is that showing not only her, but your son(s) how men are to treat women? You lead by example. Protect your little ones.

I know that I’ve said a lot about women here, I guess being a woman myself its easier to see that point of view. This isn’t just for women, it’s for men as well. Men are to be chaste and virtuous as well. To love and to be faithful. They are to lead by example (as I said earlier). Men are the head of the household. I know I will offend some people, women especially with what I’m about to say, but I don’t care. Truth is truth and I can’t change it.


Women were created equal to Men; different but equal. Not from his head to rule over him; not from his foot to be trodden by him; but from his rib to be protected by his arm, to be close to his heart and to be part of his very breathing.flower-individual-worth

Men were given charge over the women and family. He is the protector and the guiding light, so to speak of the family. With of course God being the center. There’s actually a lot more to it than that, but I’m not going to get into all of it on this post however, but I will make another one going into further detail.

This sickness is getting worse. We need to stop keeping silent and being afraid to offend. Speak and offend. People need to wake up and see the sickness in this world! We need to stand together and cure it. Evil has a progressive way about it. Lies and deceit, it makes you think that only a little is okay and before you know it, you’re so far down the wrong path you don’t know which way is up anymore. Good and Evil have been flipped flopped. You simply cannot throw God out of your life and society and expect things to be hunky dory. He is the center of all things, all things good that is, because he is nothing but love. He will not lead you down a path of destruction, he can’t.

I love my country. I know that I come off being harsh or angry. I’m passionate because I feel so strongly and I feel such urgency. Others who feel the same way, please don’t be afraid to speak up. Make a stand for the truth, something you believe in. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Please, together; with love and compassion. Lets turn this car around and head back to where we began. Give the keys to God and let him drive. Please, I beg you. God bless and love to you all.



i like carrots.

One thought on “sickness

  1. Mudpuddlebunny,
    Thank you so much for your words; I agree with every single thing that you wrote!
    I too am horrified by what I see occurring in the world. Men are becoming heartless, cruel, self centered, godless, and hedonistic. Actually, man has always been this way but we had Judeo-Christian ethics and morality to modify and control our base nature. Our culture, society, is now rejecting Judeo-Christian morality, God and His Commandments. We can see the results of that separation from God every time we open up a newspaper or turn on the evening news.
    God help us all.

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