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Learning How to Love

I do a lot of thinking on my way home from work and today was one of those days especially. I was talking to someone’s mom about their upcoming marriage and I got to thinking about mine and advice I would give – from my experience and what I know about Christ and his attributes.

The main theme was, if you meet someone’s combativeness with combativeness, where does that get you? How does that help the situation and the people involved? The answer to that is, it doesn’t.

It’s like, adding more wood to an already raging fire. The only end comes when you’ve burned everything up and there is nothing left. The only thing it does, is burn. Hotter and hotter. That’s it – or it will end when someone is willing to become selfless or just tired of fighting. All of which, does nothing to help. It’s so easy to the point the finger at the other person. To put up the natural man defenses and excuses. All of which, Satan wants. To keep contension – to take away happiness and good. Think about this quote to help better understand what I’m trying to say here:

“Brutality reigns where Christ is banished. Kindness and forberance govern where Christ is recognized and his teaching are followed”.

— Gordon B. Hinckley
President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The hardest lesson that I’m still learning is being that person that says, you know what I don’t care what you say or do. I won’t fight back. It doesn’t do anyone any good. It doesn’t. Human nature tells us to be defensive and to build walls and barriers. For OUR protection. With no never-mind of anyone else, just us. To me, that goes against everything that is Christ.

Of course as I sit here at home trying to get all my thoughts out, I’m stuck. I really need a voice recorder or better yet, I need to remember to use the one I’ve got on my phone!! As I was loading the dish washer more thoughts came and now they’ve gone, right outta my head.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say is, in the years that I’ve been married I have come to realize that, no matter what is being said or done if I fight back, if I meet combative with combative – we get no where. That is so hard. Especially when you feel that you’re being taken advantage of or someone getting one up on you. – To take a step back and realize that, the person lashing out, the person being “mean” or “cruel” is just a symptom of a larger problem. That person, is hurting. Deeply. That person isn’t ready to talk about it or even, they aren’t real sure what the problem is just that – they are hurting.

Once I realized that, I understood Christ a little bit more. His compassion and his love. His selflessness. That – that is what’s its all about. Being less concerned about you and more concerned about the other person. I have seen huge changes in my life and marriage. I’m sure my husband can say the same. We have both grown so much. We have both learned so much – from each other and from following Christ just a little more. From trying our best to become more like him.

I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination – but I have done my very best to become selfless and more compassionate. There are times where I’ve wanted to lash out and spout off everything mean and cruel thing that came to my mind. What good would that have done? If someone is already hurting and lashing out, how is that going to help by my lashing out? I understand that, if I were to do that – wouldn’t my cruelty and meanness add to their already hurting? How would that help them or the situation? The answer – it doesn’t.

There have been times that I have gotten so angry from the hurt that I lashed out in the car. Then, you know what happened? I felt bad. I felt about 1-inch tall. I didn’t even lash out at anyone and I felt that bad. You see, I have to answer for myself. For my actions and reactions. No one else. Regardless. Where was the Christlike love and compassion? Why did I let my anger get the best of me? I can’t do that. So, if I can’t even lash out alone in the car, or wherever – why in the world would I lash out to whomever? I’m not saying that I haven’t lashed out to whomever, cause I have.

I have lashed out at others – basically airing my dirty laundry just to get it out and then – I felt bad every.single.time. Because what example did I just put out there? Definitely not Christ that’s for sure! If I’m going to be known for my fruits, what is that telling people about me and how I am? Should I have lashed out at all? Is it better to get all that frustration out in the privacy of my car? I’m not really sure. I just know that – I’d rather do that, then lash out at a person who is hurting, for whatever reason. I know for a surety that – when someone lashes out, there is an underlying issue. That, lashing out is just a symptom of that problem. I know that, Christ is patient with us and he knows better than anyone. You might be able to keep secrets and things from those around you, but he is one person you cannot hide from. He already knows – in knowing that, I do my best to realize that there is something else going on and in being Christlike, that person is more than likely to confide in me the issue because they know I care. They know I have compassion and love for them – rather than meeting them with my own combativeness, they won’t confide in me because I have given them the impression that I don’t care – anything but Christlike. Does any of this make sense? – In the world of Krystle it does LOL!

This has been an ongoing lesson for me and I’m sure that Heavenly Father gets tired of teaching it to me, but then again, I know he isn’t. He has the perfect love and patience. For that, I will always be grateful.

All I know is – when you choose to love and have compassion instead of meeting combative with combative – things in your life will start to change. You will see the hand of God working with you. You will feel your heart become open and more full of love for others. You will see people as children of the same Father. Again, I’m not perfect. I still struggle – but I do see a difference in my life with what changes I have chosen to make.

I know that in the end, God will only care about what I chose to do or not do. How I choose to act or react. You can choose the greater right/better good or you can choose the natural man. Which in the end brings neither good nor happiness. Satan will lie and tell you that, it’s not your fault. You were born this way. This is just how you are or how it is. You have no choice. All lies to get you to stop progressing. To stop becoming and being more. To take away your God-given and protected gift of Choice.

Learning how to love – something we all can benefit from. I love Heavenly Father and his Son with all my heart, mind and strength. I have a strong testimony of their love for me and their kindness. Their compassion. Their patience. Their tender mercies. All of which, I am not worthy – yet they love me anyway. More than I could ever imagine. That same love, they extend to each and every one of you. I say these things and a prayer that we all, learn how to love. In his holy and wonderful name, even Jesus Christ. Amen.

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“Mon Guerlain”

Mon Guerlain by Guerlain.  I don’t even know where to begin or how to even describe this flavor. All I know is, I LOVE IT!!! So much in fact, that I am thinking very hard about buying an entire bottle. I just got this flavor a few days ago (either Friday or Saturday) and I’ve worn it everyday, except today.

When I first sprayed it — AAAAHHHMAZING! There is a definite vanilla there, but not the typical vanilla you’d imagine.  It mingles with the lavender (rather perfectly) for this soft, feminine — I don’t even have words for it — Only that, I got quite a few complements for it.

In the description it says oriental which to me, my first thought is spicy but this flavor isn’t really spicy, per-say. At least I don’t think it is. It’s too soft to be spicy.  To me its the perfect formula for a vanilla flavor.  It has floral notes as well, but it’s not overwhelming like a flower garden.  I’m not a big fan of florals either.  This one, is perfectly subtle. All the notes mingle together to form this … wonderful sensual, soft and elegant flavor that lasts all day! I LOVE IT!

I’m probably not doing a very good of describing it.  It’s one of those you just need to try for yourself.  All I know is, I LOVE IT!! It’s my favorite flavor out of all the ones I’ve tried so far.  Yes, even out ranking Dolce & Gabbana The One.

Main Notes:
Album Sandalwood, Caria Lavender, Sambac Jasmine, Vanilla Tahitensis

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Vanille by Molinard. I received this flavor twice — It was in my queue for March, but for some reason when I checked my account, it skipped March and went right to April. So, I removed it from the queue and ordered it straight up, right? So I’m thinking because I contacted ScentBird and let them know and asked if they’d manually place the March scent, which was now Kate Spade Live Colorfully Sunshine. So, of course that’s the flavor that I’m expecting.

I switched to Kate instead of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. Main reason being, I already have a Tom Ford Flavor (Black Orchid). Which is a flavor that I really wanted to love, but I don’t it’s there. Initially, I did but as time went on. I find myself never picking that flavor. So …

Okay, I get my order with two additional cases and one other flavor along with the Vanille. Which I was expecting. Now, when I got my “March” flavor, I was surprised to see yet another Vanille, but I am trading it to another scentbirdie for Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. 

Pink Champagne and Sky Blue Case (They are darker on the website)

When I tried it this morning, it reminded me of Vanille Coco by Comptoir Sud Pacifique…then a soft spiciness with a hint of something floralish — then all combing into this wondeful vanilla spiciness — not like a cupcake sweet vanilla though! I LOVE IT!!!! So far, it’s lasting a long time. I can still smell it, but it’s not strong. Just enough.

I will do a separate review for Mon Guerlain and Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. I’ll tell you this though about Mon Guerlain, I LOVE IT!!

Main Notes:
Guaiac Wood, Heliotrope, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Bergamot

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a gentle reminder

Once again I find myself in other conversation about the same topic only this time, I have another way of explaining.

This world is hard enough as it is. Why must we make it harder with the love/compassion blinders? I say this because people fail to see the sin and wrong doing all for the sake of loving someone. Not wanting to judge or offend. Not wanting to be bigoted or whatever other non-sense. I take issue with this because, when I think about Christ and Heavenly Father. How they are with us — it’s much different.

When we fall, of course Christ is there to pick us up. In doing this though, he still gently reminds us of his teachings and standards. He tells us he loves us. Then tells us to get back up and try again. What really gets me is when people fail to see one important part of the whole thing — gently reminds us of his teachings and standards. That to me, is the key factor here. We are not gently reminding his teachings and standards, but rather skipping that all together and going to the, “love love love — its okay [enter excuse/justification here].

The bottom line is this —

The real issue is Satan. His lies. His half-truths. His evil. His wickedness.

His goal is to destroy what God creates and deems holy. Homosexuality is one of those tools. Destroys our progression. Destroys families. Destroys the priesthood. Destroys our chance to be with God in the Celestial Kingdom. Satan destroys. That is what’s going on here. Nothing more, nothing less. It seems so simple doesn’t it? It’s Satan that complicates it, that stirs it up, that makes it harder. As this world continues to turn against God, that gives Satan more power.  The battle is with Satan and his evil and wickedness.

All of the arguments and justifications for Homosexuality (and other sins) is just another tool weapon in Satan’s arsenal to destroy.

Alma 30:60 – “And thus we see the end of him who perverteth the ways of the Lord; and thus we see that the devil will not support his children at the last day, but doth speedily drag them down to hell.”

Now, with all that being said, The issue of the day that started it all:

You are not born GAY. (Now when I say Gay, I mean the act of. Not SSA.) Being GAY is a choice. I wasn’t born Heterosexual, I chose to be. People who are attracted to children, dogs, sheep, etc aren’t born that way. They chose to be that way. People aren’t born to have rough sex that results in the death of the partner, they chose to be that way. There are nuns and priests who chose to never have sex again. None of them born celibate. They chose to be. I can choose right now if I wanted to never have sex again. I can choose right now to have sex if I wanted. It’s all about choice.

The world we live in is over sexualized. Sex is everywhere. Porn, sexting, people having sex, talking about sex. It’s everywhere. Movies, TV, Books, Interwebs. The world is normalizing it. The world is normalizing being gay. The world is normalizing trans whatever the newest fad — with one of the lovely arguments “Hey, I don’t have to take responsibility for anything because I was born this way. I didn’t choose this.” , etc.

Our children are growing up in this. They are being taught this. They are seeing this and hearing this on a DAILY basis.

We can’t keep normalizing and accepting sin. That is a sin in itself. We love yes, but we cannot be so blinded by that love that we fail to see the sin. If someone is about to fall off a cliff, you’re response should be to stop them from doing so, not standing back and saying well, you have to love them and not judge them and not be bigoted and accept them for who they are!!! NO!!!! you stop them!!! you grab them and say whoa, going the wrong way, I love you and I don’t want you to fall — That is exactly what ya’ll are doing. Letting them fall off the cliff in the name of love and accepting and condoning. Saying, oh well, its not a choice. It’s by birth. No no no. Wrong.

Christ never accepted or condoned sin. Ever. Did he love, Yes. But he wasn’t blinded by that love that he allowed people to keep sinning. Why are we? If he is to be our example, shouldn’t follow him? Why aren’t we  gently reminding? Why are sitting back and accepting and condoning and justifying and normalizing? All in the of love? of compassion?

Please know and understand that Satan is the real enemy. Satan is the destroyer. We are here on this earth to battle him and his lies. He is our battle. He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows our weaknesses and he exploits them any and every change he gets. Please know this — BUT we got something he don’t got, a loving Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ who died for us. To atone and advocate for us. To love us and to fight when we’re too weak. To make weak things stronger —

To give us a gentle reminder when we fall — then a helping hand to get back up and try, try again.

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the little things

I was going to bed, but thoughts about today wouldn’t go away until I got up and jotted them down. So here goes nothing…

I suppose you could call today a “date” day with my husband, but in all honesty, it seems everytime we go out feels like a date. It’s like a perpetual date with him. It doesn’t feel like marriage, but then again what is marriage “supposed” feel like anyway?

The main thought and point to this whole thing is this:

On the way to Beckley we were talking about all sorts of things, but what really got me was while sitting in Cook Out eating. I was reflecting and realized that he was going to be the big 40 in May and I was going to be 36 in July.  He and I have grown and been through much since we married in 2005 — I asked him one question, “Are you sure you want to grow old with me?” — and without hesitation he looked up at me and right in my eyes and said, “Yes. With a cane in one hand and you in the other.”

It was that moment that got me thinking.  That moment keeping me awake until I jotted this down … Nothing else in this world matters. Laundry, taking out the trash, mowing the grass, changing the oil; all the things that bug me or bother me. All the imperfections — none of it. What matters are the little things. The moments like that — the feeling I get when we hold hands and the world disappears. The looking into his eyes and knowing. All the laundry and dishes in the world can’t bring that joy and happiness.

It truly is the small things in this life that matter. I have learned and grown alot, but I find that I’m still learning and growing, each day, but I do however, like myself a lot better now than I did.  I truly believe that, that’s what this is about. The small things. Appreciating them and learning and growing from them. Who cares if the laundry isn’t done? Who cares if the dishes aren’t done? Is it nice to have someone help, yes. But does that really matter in the long run? Not really. 

I honestly don’t think all that stuff will bring joy and happiness into your life or marriage. Now, with that being said. Maybe I can lay back down and get some sleep. Good night and have blessed dreams.

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Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana. This is a flavor that my sister gave me because she didn’t like it. I LOVE it!! It’s almost gone so I was thinking about adding it to my queue. This is another flavor that I need to write a good review for…I will, I promise!

Main Notes:
Water Lily, Musk, Neroli, Narcissus, Papaya Flower

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My cute flavor cases!

This is my collection of cases!  The black one comes standard with your first order and the red one I got with my 8th order! 

ScentBird is so awesome that I had a problem with my Aquamarine case. The flavors were getting stuck.  So I contacted them and they replaced it for me! Awesome, right?


Signature Black, Aquamarine (x2), Pearly White, Fierce Pink, Red

If you want to purchase an extra case they are $12.95 a piece and you can also buy two difference cases for storage. I think they hold 20, but not exactly sure. The case I have for mine, surprisingly, was a case from Cabelas. Yes, that’s right. The gun store.

Story time folks!

So, I wanted a case for my flavors right? I saw the ones from ScentBird, but to me they were a bit expensive. So, on a date day with my husband he saw this ammo case in the reloading section. He asked me to borrow my flavor for a minute. He took it out of the case and placed it in the storage case it didn’t fit in that “caliber”. So, he tried a bigger “caliber” and said, perfect!

Me, being a girl, was thinking uhm, no. First of all the bottom of the case is green and I don’t like that color green. Second, I’m a girl. I was something frilly and girly to store my flavors in. Husband rolled his eyes and said, I’m telling you this case is perfect. Uh huh…

So after a few days of trying to find a case, nothing.  Long story short, husband’s case was perfect and he was right. I love you honey!!

White Storage Box, Black Storage Box
These are from ScentBird and are $24.95 a piece


Cabela’s Covered Reloading Tray

I got this tray, I believe $8.95 on sale – regular price is $14.95! Also, It holds way more than the ScentBird ones. Also, it was the .50 caliber LOL! (the tray holds only the flavors in the holes — I still have the cases stored as well because the case isn’t completely full yet! (but I’m working on it LOL!)

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“Dark Rum”

Dark Rum by (MALIN+GOETZ).  I do like this flavor, but I’m not really sure what I like about it to be honest. It is a flavor that is “gender neutral” so, it has some feminine traits along side masculine ones. It is unique that’s for sure. I’m gonna have to think about this one, actually, I have quite a few that I haven’t exactly did a review for.

I accidentally wore it today thinking I was wearing my newest one – Signorina Misteriosa, which as I said in my last post, I haven’t tried yet.

Main Notes:
Rum, Plum, Amber, Milk, Leather

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“Signorina Misteriosa”

Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo. I haven’t tried this flavor yet – I just got it yesterday. Apparently there was an issue with the payment. The company was switching their payment system and kicked mine out, along with a lot of others.

Long story short, I contacted ScentBird and they manually ordered my February scent for me, which was really nice of them. All I can say is, they are awesome!! Shame on me for thinking about canceling with them…

I was going to wear it this morning, but accidentally sprayed on Dark Rum – as they both were full bottles. Anyway, I will update once I try it.

Main Notes:
Blackberry, Milk Mousse, Vanilla, Patchouli, Tuberose

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13 July 2014

Me and my husband attended a special talk at our stake center given by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I took notes during his talk, it was a wonderful experience!

His wife, Sister Bednar spoke first about being a defender of the faith (or discipleship), to stay true to the faith and to pray for faith.

When you feel alone, pray to feel the love the from heavenly father and know that you aren’t alone, you have him with you.

Pray to show you his hand at work in your life — end of everyday, don’t forget to pray (end of her talk).