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13 July 2014

Me and my husband attended a special talk at our stake center given by Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I took notes during his talk, it was a wonderful experience!

His wife, Sister Bednar spoke first about being a defender of the faith (or discipleship), to stay true to the faith and to pray for faith.

When you feel alone, pray to feel the love the from heavenly father and know that you aren’t alone, you have him with you.

Pray to show you his hand at work in your life — end of everyday, don’t forget to pray (end of her talk).

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Lesson in Love

This came to me awhile ago and I haven’t really thought much about it. I was prompted not once but twice in this exact order:

  • Love

  • Compassion

  • Selflessness

  • Forgiveness

  • Service

On my way home today (24 Feb 2017) – I got the rest of this post. I couldn’t figure out why this order and what these mean. 

In order to find the deeper meaning of “love” and find “christ-like” love, you have to start first and foremost with love. Just decide you’re going to love.

Then in Loving, you’ll find Compassion. You’ll find that you have this sadness I guess or this ache maybe in your heart and all you know is, you want to help somehow or someway.

Then in finding Compassion, you realize Selflessness which is acting on the Compassion that you feel. It’s not about you anymore or your feelings or your needs, etc. You’ve taken the “YOU” out and placed someone else in. You realize they are hurting or they are needing something, etc.

Then you find that you can Forgive. You can finally get past the hurts and hangups and Forgive. You can finally let go and press forward.

In Forgiving you find that you can Serve. With no question. With no desire for yourself or your needs. No desire for anything in return.

Then in doing Service, you find Christ-like love. You find this:

Mosiah 2:17:

 17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

When you loose your way, you begin simply, with Love. Then repeat as often as necessary.

With all this, I understand even more what Christ meant when he said:

Matthew 27: 36 – 40:

 36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?

 37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

 38 This is the first and great commandment.

 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. 

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I started to write a post a while back called “Lesson in Love”. This post I suppose is an addendum to that post (which I haven’t finished yet!).
Have you ever had something on your mind and heart that it feels like it is being instilled in you? Has it felt like Heavenly Father has taken a chisel and engraved it on your heart?
This is exactly how I feel today and it’s somewhat ironic that, today being Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love and admiration. The engraving on my heart is just that, Love.
I have struggled with this idea for quite sometime. I have come to a conclusion and asked, “Is this right”? I have asked, “Am I on the right track here”? Every time has been a resounding confirmation of the truth. I wonder why I kept asking and questioning and doubting.
I know why. It is a hard lesson.
The love that I am speaking about isn’t the Valentine’s Day love. No, this is so much more and deeper than that. Something that has been weighing heavily on my mind and heart. Something that I have talked to my husband about what seems to be a million times.
Today, I have understood and realized that, Yes. This is right. Yes. I am on the right track. Yes.
It has been a hard lesson for me and I know its been a hard lesson for Christ to teach, but then again, nothing is hard for him. He is patient and will continue as long as I am willing to learn and listen. He will tell me the same answer and same confirmation time and time again until I finally get that “A’ha” moment and realize, like today, Yes.
I also understand that, what I’ve learned over the course of a few months isn’t for everyone.
To begin, there are many examples and times that I have thought about this, but I will only focus on the prominent one that started this whole ball rolling.
I remember reading a post on facebook about a lady who was married for about 30 years and as she declared it, “I finally divorced my porn addicted husband after 30 years…etc,”. As read the article I couldn’t help but think, after 30 years of the struggle, the failed therapy and what not. You finally give up on him and your marriage? Forgive me but, I couldn’t help but wonder what did you do to help him? Did you offer a shoulder to lean on? Then I thought, oh my gosh is that right? She’s obviously been hurting for awhile…Then my thoughts turned to Christ. What if he, after x amount of years decides one day, you know what after all the rejections after all the promptings from the holy ghost. I’m done. I have to protect myself and my heart from getting hurt anymore. The very next thought was, is that right? Is that the way of it and how it should be? That, no matter what. No matter the time. No matter the hurt and pain. We aren’t meant to give up? This was so confusing to me. Because this lady had every justification. Every hurt. Every pain. She had the right to protect herself from it and find something else or someone else to bring happiness, right?
From that day, I had been struggling with this. I would get the certain confirmation, Yes. Then I would read another article or something would come up and bring my original question into play once more and I would ask, Is this right?
All I know is, this has been a hard lesson for me. To love unconditionally. To love without ceasing. To love selflessly. To love as Christ loves.
Christ never ceases. Christ never gives up. He is to be our example, so if this is true. Then — this is the hard part. To love someone means:
1. Love
2. Compassion
3 .Selflessness
4. Forgiveness
5. Service
All of these are Christlike attributes. The way he loves. Without question. Without fault. Without ceasing.
Again, this is a hard lesson. I understand and realize that there are situations out there that are hard and trying. That hurt. I understand that. I also understand marriage and what it is meant to be. Please understand that I am not talking about dating or even being engaged. You haven’t made a commitment or convenient. You can walk away anytime. I’m talking about Marriage. The sacred covenant between God and the other person.
I look at my own life and my own marriage. It’s not without trying times and hurt and hardship. When I look back on and look at it now, It’s always changing and evolving. He and I aren’t the same people we were at the beginning. I see changes and evolution’s.
What I’m trying to say is — this life is short. We are to learn all we can to prepare for eternity and if, we give up. If we throw our hands up because of adversity or things that make us uncomfortable or hurt, then how can we expect to live an eternity? Are we going to continually give up when things get hard?
Christ doesn’t and he never will. So, what I have had such a hard time understanding is why do we give up on each other? Regardless of how much “time” has gone by. Again, I think of Christ. Does he give up on us, if we reject him. If we hurt him. He doesn’t. Not ever. Nor will he ever.
So with marriage, you promise. I know some won’t like this, but regardless of what is done to you. How much pain you endure. You never give up. You love more. You forgive. You serve. You do ALL you humanly can and let Christ take the rest. You repeat 1 – 5 over and over and over. Never ceasing. The REAL battle isn’t with you or your spouse. It’s with Satan. To give up means you let him win.
Do not be concerned about the other person. They have their own agency – but YOU do all YOU can. If that person chooses to do the same, how can you fail? If that person chooses to not do the same, you’re heart and soul is free from wrong and Christ can take that pain and turn it into something beautiful. Does this make sense? You understand what I’m trying to say?
We are eternal beings. This life is meant to temper us. To make us stronger each day. Our trials, hurts and hangups are just sticking that steel blade in the fire to only come out stronger in the end. To become more. To love more. To never give up, no matter how hard. I always turn to Christ and his example. Even while dying on the cross, he never stopped loving. He never stopped, he never told Heavenly Father it was too hard and he needed to protect himself and heart – instead he Prayed for them. He asked his Father to forgive them for they know not what they do. What kind of love is that? It’s unreal. It’s — perfect. That’s how we should love. Always.
The conviction I have in my heart is so strong, I feel like Heavenly Father has taken a chisel and engraved this in my heart. I know this is right. I know that the answer is Yes.
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Thoughts from the car…

There is a lot going on in the world. Not just the US, which why I said “world”. Different opinions and religions and what not. I prayed today, first time in a while and just poured my heart out. All my concerns, fears and worries. My hopes and desires. As I continued throughout the day and I’ve read a lot of social media.

It didn’t really hit me until I was driving home. The first thing that hit me was in the form of a question, “What is their relationship with Christ”?  Do they reject him? Do they accept him? Do they realize that he is the ONLY way back to Heavenly Father? Do they accept his atonement? 

I don’t claim to know everything or know much, but what I do know is this:

I know Christ is real.

I know he lives.

I know he loves more wholly and fully than you could ever imagine.

I know that he died and suffered on the cross for me. Personally.

I know that he suffered for me. Personally.

I know that he bleed and he hurt. He still loved. He still prayed to his father, forgive them for they know not what they do.

I know that he knows me better than anyone, even myself and yet, with my flaws and imperfections, he still loves me. 

I know that type of love from Christ is beyond anything you could ever imagine.

In knowing all of this — I’ve come to realize that it doesn’t matter what religion you are, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in, your race, color, etc. If you reject Christ then all you do all you say is hollow. None of it matters. 

None of your good/bad deeds. None of your kindness or love or hatred. Nothing in your heart matters. None of it. You can be a sweet loving kind warm honest person, but if you reject Christ. You’ve got nothing. Zip. Zilch.

The second part is this:

If you accept Christ then how are you living your life? Are you in direct opposition or are you doing your very best to live a Christ-like life? Is what’s in your good and kind and honest? Do you understand and accept the atonement and apply it daily? Do you repent and go and sin no more? Do you accept Christ, but do not live your accordingly and constantly sin without remorse? Is your faith in vain? 

These are things that are important. If you’re religion rejects Christ. If you’re culture rejects Christ. I don’t care what kind of person you are. I don’t care how kind or how mean you are. What I do care about is one thing. You’re rejection or acceptance of Christ. He is the ONLY way. He is the life. He is the living waters. He is Salvation. He is EVERYTHING! Man shall never die. Man shall never thirst – if and only if they accept HIM.

This isn’t me saying this. This isn’t your preacher. This isn’t anyone but HIM saying this. Telling us even before he came and died. Why do you think they sacrificed the most perfect of their flock? It was in similitude of the perfect lamb. Of CHRIST! Heavenly Father’s only Begotten Son.

So, with all this being said. With all the controversy about religions and other people. Only two things matter —

  1. Belief and acceptance of the one and only way for Salvation: Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of Heavenly Father.
  2. How you live your life once you accept Christ.
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“Refugees” and the Controversy

Here is my take on the issue:

The thing is, we have no idea who these people are, none. All we’ve heard over the past 8 flipping years with obozo is that Islam is a religion of peace and blah blah. All we’ve heard for the past 8 flipping years is “white privilege” and “my apologies for being an American” and “flag burning” and all that other liberal non-sense. I.e all the stupid phobias and “black lives” and blah blah blah —
I did my own homework. I don’t listen to the media, they are slime buckets. I read the Quran and other Islamic sacred texts they read. Why? I wanted to know for myself. It was disturbing. They don’t preach love and what not. They preach about killing jews and the infidel. They preach about lying to them and then killing them. All of things that make you go eeeeekkk. The things you hear main stream media talk about simply isn’t true. It’s propaganda and lies.
Islam DOES NOT worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not peaceful. I’ve also researched Muhammad — wow what outstanding citizen he was … NOT!
The point is, the church and American people need to very careful who we let in. I agree that there are some people who need help, great. I all for helping them. There are Christians and non-Christians alike who are really scared for their lives. Stuck in the middle of some Jihad. I get it.  Islam in other countries is a FORCED religion as in, if you don’t pray and worship they will beat you until you do. If you leave the religion they will kill you. If you are too “western” they will kill you, as in “mercy killing” – this happens people. Maybe not in this country because of the freedoms we have and protection we have. This is reality that we need to understand. Take off our blinders and compassion glasses and see what’s going, not here of course, but in the rest of the world and what could happen here if we’re not careful. We already have advocates for Sharia law. You have any idea what Sharia entails?
I understand that we’re to love everyone regardless. I understand that we’re to help everyone regardless. I have to ask though, are we to love and invite people in who mean us harm? When does common sense kick in and the realization that perhaps, maybe its not such a good idea to open our homes to people who hate us and want to well, chop off our heads? I mean, wow. Sometimes, you can have the best intentions for a people, but you know what, those people don’t have best intentions for you and maybe, we should be careful. What is so wrong with that? We were given brains as well to use and I think what people are missing in this whole “compassion and love’ is the use of their brains and realize, wait a minute, who are these people and what do they want. Maybe we need to find that out first before we let them flood into our homes.
I also understand that we should share the gospel with everyone we can, but you know the verse about casting your pearls to swine?  Well, not everyone wants to hear it, not everyone will be kind about it. Some people, will actually KILL YOU for it. Maybe, again we need to be careful with whom we share things with. I don’t think we’d be wrong in doing so.
Compassion and love are great things, but when do we realize that, with some it’s not a good idea and we need to just say ya know, that’s fine. You do what you can and that’s that.
People, especially in this country, are sheltered to things that go on in the rest of the world and don’t realize that, people are dying because of their faith. People are being persecuted and killed (beheaded) and those people who are killing are the same people the liberal left are whining and screaming about.
All I’m saying, as a nation we need to be careful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I get sick to death of all the “phobia” non-sense. Because it’s just that, non-sense.
I have seen actual videos and documentation from REAL PEOPLE here in America that are disturbing. Did you know that in our back yard, Pennsylvania and Virginia, there are Islamic Radical groups who are training to fight? Did you know that these people are being left alone because the locals and the police are afraid of them? Did you know that in Arizona and Texas at the Mexico border people are coming in, in droves? Qurans everywhere.
Have you seen the so called “refugees” coming here? When you think of refugee you think, women and children and elderly right? I have seen REAL VIDEOS FROM REAL PEOPLE (NOT THE MEDIA!!!!!) documenting these “refugees” – they are 18 – 30 year OLD MEN!!!!! Not a single woman, child or elderly. It’s an ARMY, I know that’s very conspiracy but its fact. I’ve been in the military and so has my husband. We are familiar with military tactics etc. Also, its common sense.
Did you know that Mexico wants Texas and California back? Did you also know they are sending the same age of men here as well?
Again I refuse to listen to main stream media. This is all from my own research. I’ve checked and rechecked.
Videos from real scared Americas wondering what the crap is going on. And no one is saying a bloody word about any of it. I have to ask, why?
All I know is Obozo lied and he wanted to destroy this country. It is so freaking divided right now, it sickens me.
Also did you know that ISIS stands for = Islamic State of Iran and SYRIA!!!!!
FURTHER MORE — Do your own research — but I’m telling you, its the truth and we need to be careful. ISIS = Islamic State of IRAN and SYRIA (which is the country that liberals are whining and crying about letting in, just sayin’) Don’t believe me — LOOK IT UP!
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Honestly, what do the women in this country have to protest? what do the women in this country have to fear? how they are soooooooo oppressed? how they have nooooooooo freedom to say or do what they want when they want? how they are forced to dress and act a certain way? how they can’t do what they want with their bodies? what? what do they have to protest here? Women’s march for what??? protect their rights? to unite women? for what? — I had NO IDEA women lost their rights?…!

Let me tell you something “women in America” who are soooo concerned with their rights and oh boo hoo “equality”. Guess what honey — I’m a FEMALE working in the IT Field!!!!! Yes, that’s right sweeties. A MANS PROFESSION and guess what? I get paid the SAME as a MAN!!! OMG! shocking right? and guess what else honey, I WORKED FOR IT!!!! I SPENT TWO YEARS TO GET AN ASSOCIATE DEGREE!!!!!

Y’all are so spoiled here it sickens me. You have no respect for anyone or anything else but your narcissist princess mentality selves. Completely and totally spoiled rotten, you have no idea what it means to be oppressed you have no idea what it means to have true fear. Only recently Saudi Arabia declared that women are indeed mammals, not quite human, but mammals. Basically the same rights as goats, etc. Yes, that’s right ladies.

 No, I don’t apologize for being crude or speaking my mind. If I offend, oh well. Get over it.